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2024 Session 1 - IFAS CCA Educational Program - Nutrient & Crop Management

Jul 1, 2024 - Dec 31, 2024

$60 Enroll

Full course description

Registration for this course begins Saturday, June 29th at 8am. The enrollement fee is $60.

This UF/IFAS CCA course offers 6.0 CEUs in Nutrient Management and 5.0 CEUs in Crop Management. 

The speakers are drawn from UF faculty across the state and outside as needed, who provide high value and timely information to our professionals, showcasing latest research, priority areas, and emerging topics, and even revisiting basics as necessary.

These sessions are offered through UF/IFAS Extension Online Learning in an on-demand format that can be completed over several months. There is an opportunity to provide comments and offer feedback on each of these presentations. Suggestions on emerging and priority topics are always accepted. The modules will be individually evaluated for effectiveness, clarity, and relevance each time.

The following topics are included in this training session:

Nutrient Management (6 hours)

  • Nutrient Management in Organic Systems - Gabrial Maltais Landry, UF
  • Sulfur Management for Agronomic Crops (Focus on Silage Corn and Soybean) - Emma Matcham, UF
  • Nutrient Management Strategies for Sustainable Row Crop Production - Hardeep Singh, UF
  • Foliar Fertilizer Formulation and Micronutrient Fertility for Legume Production Systems - Emma Matcham, UF
  • Nutrient Management Renaissance and Recommendation Updates - Thomas Obreza, UF
  • Silicon: A Plant Beneficial Nutrient for Citrus and Other Crops - Mohammed Shahid, UF

Crop Management (5 hours)

  • Status of Cold Hardy Citrus Industry and Important Considerations for Cold Hardy Citrus Growers - Mohammed Shahid, UF
  • Establishment and Early Season Management for Forages - Marcelo Wallau, UF
  • Utilizing On-Farm Trials to Rapidly Address Agronomic Concerns - Nicole Fiorellino, UMD
  • Plant Diversity for Productivity and Conservation - Zachary Brym, UF
  • Applying Automations Practically at the Farm Level - Wesley Porter, UGA

For more information please contact: (email is the preferred way):

Dr. Rao Mylavarapu