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2023 Session 1 - IFAS CCA Educational Program - Crop & Pest Management

Ended Jan 31, 2024

Sorry! The enrollment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full course description

This UF/IFAS CCA course offers 5.0 CEUs in Crop Management and 6.0 CEUs in Pest Management. It also offers 6.0 FDACS CEUs for pesticide applicators approved for the following categories:  Private Applicator-Ag, Aerial Application, Ag Row Crop or Ag Tree Crop.

The speakers are drawn from UF faculty across the state  and outside as needed, who provide high value and timely information to our professionals, showcasing latest research, priority areas, and emerging topics, and even revisiting basics as necessary.

These sessions are offered through UF/IFAS Extension Online Learning in an on-demand format that can be completed over several months. There is an opportunity to provide comments and offer feedback on each of these presentations. Suggestions on emerging and priority topics are always accepted. The modules will be individually evaluated for effectiveness, clarity and relevance each time.

The following topics are included in this training session:

Crop Management (5 hours)

  • New Varieties and Management Practices for Profitable and Sustainable Sugarcane Production in Florida - Hardev Sandhu, UF
  • Pre- and Post-Harvest Management for Optimizing Citrus Fruit Quality - Mark Ritenour, UF
  • Soybean Variety Selection Considerations and Production Practices - David Moseley, LSU
  • Cover Crops 101 - Richard Roth, UGA
  • High-speed Planting Technologies - Mike Mulvaney, MSU

Pest Management (6 hours)

  • Fundamentals of Integrated Pest Management for Certified Crop Advisors - Norman Leppla, UF
  • Insect management: Principles for pest and natural enemies - Silvana Paula-Moraes, UF
  • Basics outline of plant pathogens, field identification of plant diseases and management through the lens of Tomato diseases - Mathew Paret, UF
  • Pesticide application and environmental considerations - Hugh Smith, UF
  • Principles for Weed Management for Row Crops - Pratap Devkota, UF
  • Organic pest management in vegetable and fruit systems - Oscar Liburd, UF

For more information please contact: (email is the preferred way):

Dr. Rao Mylavarapu